Adding new products to SocialCart

New products mean new sales.¬† With SocialCart new products are always available.¬† SocialCartís catalog is continually growing, with more merchants and products being added constantly.

Luckily for the user, all you have to do is look through the product list to add new items to your personal ecommerce store.  New merchants and brands are even marked with a special icon to indicate that they are new.  This way you never miss a new product.

Not only do the Facebook users with ecommerce stores benefit from the addition of new products, but as a merchant you can as well.  You have the opportunity to add your new products to our site!  Once you add these new items they will be denoted with our new product symbol, attracting attention from users.  Your new products will never go unnoticed or get lost in a sea of other items that have been sitting on the site for weeks.

Make sure to check out the product list regularly to ensure your store is offering the best items available for your customers.¬† And merchants make sure to add new products to our stock to increase promotion of your items.¬† You donít want to miss out on an opportunity to make a sale because after all new products mean new sales and new sales mean more money.

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