What's in the pipeline for SocialCart

SocialCart is constantly in motion.
Changes are continuously occurring to improve and expand the benefits of SocialCart.
We want to keep you, our loyal users, updated on the exciting developments happening here at SocialCart.
The following are just some of the changes and improvements we are currently working on to make SocialCart easier to use, more accessible, and more efficient.

New New New- We are adding new merchants, products, and users!  We are constantly finding new merchants who want to place their products into the SocialCart stock.  These new merchants are expanding our categories and adding many new items.  Even our long committed customers are adding new items, expanding our inventory more than ever before!  This increase in product availability is attracting new users who create new ecommerce stores.

More Channels-
SocialCart on Facebook is booming, so we are working to take this success elsewhere.

Our developers are working to bring SocialCart to other outlets such as Twitter, blogs, and other social websites.
This will bring all the benefits of SocialCart to even more users and merchants, expanding profits and promotions.

 Improved Matches- We are working to enhance our best match algorithm which displays the best performing products based on your visitors profile.  This algorithm will consider the customers previous buying habits and preferences and strategically place your items that fall within these guidelines.  This promotes increased sales because products will be tailored to the needs to the visitor.

Check back for even more updates on SocialCarts continual improvements and make sure to check out the SocialCart app regularly to see all our enhancements in action!


Adding new products to SocialCart

New products mean new sales.  With SocialCart new products are always available.  SocialCarts catalog is continually growing, with more merchants and products being added constantly.

Luckily for the user, all you have to do is look through the product list to add new items to your personal ecommerce store.  New merchants and brands are even marked with a special icon to indicate that they are new.  This way you never miss a new product.

Not only do the Facebook users with ecommerce stores benefit from the addition of new products, but as a merchant you can as well.  You have the opportunity to add your new products to our site!  Once you add these new items they will be denoted with our new product symbol, attracting attention from users.  Your new products will never go unnoticed or get lost in a sea of other items that have been sitting on the site for weeks.

Make sure to check out the product list regularly to ensure your store is offering the best items available for your customers.  And merchants make sure to add new products to our stock to increase promotion of your items.  You dont want to miss out on an opportunity to make a sale because after all new products mean new sales and new sales mean more money.

Free merchant plan for distributed facebook stores

What is the difference between your small business and larger corporations?  Is it the amount of money you have to purchase extra services to move your company along?  Is it the amount of time you have to promote your products to the masses?  Here at SocialCart, we want to move your small business a little closer to the realm of the large corporation and allowing you to answer no to each of those questions.  

Our first step in helping our small merchants is by offering a new Free Merchant Plan.  If you are a merchant offering less than ten products to the SocialCart community you can now list your products with no cost to you.  This allows you to use your profits elsewhere, creating more products or enhancing your items.

After you sign up for our Free Merchant Plan Facebook users will promote your items and sell them to your friends.  You can add your products to the SocialCart inventory and allow Facebook users to promote your items and sell them to their friends.  Once your items are sold you receive profits and your company name will spread without any extra time or effort from you.  You can direct your time towards making new products instead of promoting them to online customers.

The only question that remains is why not sign up for our program?  Let millions of Facebook users promote and sell your products for you, increasing revenue and decreasing effort.  For more information and to register as a merchant on SocialCart today check out our website, 

Recommending the SocialCart App to Your Friends

Making money with just a few clicks of a mouse seems too good to be true, but with SocialCart this is reality.  With just a few clicks you can set up your own Facebook store with SocialCart and starting bringing in profits, but this isnt the only way to make money with SocialCart.

Once you have your own ecommerce store with SocialCart, recommend the app to your friends.  If your friend joins and starts to sell products, you receive 1% of all his earnings!  This includes the money your friend makes from sales and also the money he makes from all his friends sales.  Before you know it you can make money from the sales of hundreds of people on top of the earnings from your own store!  All you have to do is click Recommend App on the top of the app page and select friends.  Convince your friends to join, then sit back and watch your profits stream in.  Thats it!

Selling Your Products Through Facebook

Are you looking for a way to increase the sales of your business without increasing your effort?  The social media world is expanding, causing people to find new purposes for Facebook, even using its large audience to bring in revenue.  There are two prominent options for generating sales using Facebook, each option with its own benefits.

The first method is to set up an ecommerce store on Facebook using an application such as payvement.  In this setup you are entirely responsible for bringing more fans to your page and promoting your items.  The theory stands that your fans will share your product with their friends, who will share with friends, reaching a potentially unlimited audience. However, this theory rarely works out quite this well.  Without an incentive to show friends, all your sales will come from your Facebook fans alone.

The other option, however, provides your fans with an incentive to promote your products.  This is where SocialCart comes in.  As a merchant, you place your products into the stock of SocialCart and allow thousands of real Facebook users to promote and sell your items in their own Facebook stores.  In return you receive a jump in sales, and the users receive sales commission.  You provide the resellers with a whole price, and they collect commission based on your pricing suggestions and their desired profit margin.  Instead of having your product in one store being promoted by you, it can now be featured hundreds of stores being promoted by motivated sellers.

To get started with SocialCart today, register as a merchant on our website SocialCart Merchant section.  We offer six months free to selected merchants.  You are always paid based on the whole price you offer to the SocialCart community.  Its as easy as that.

How to Make Money with Facebook

With the rise of social media, many are left wondering about the real potential to make money on Facebook. Business owners, advertising companies, and even regular users are looking for ways to turn the millions of Facebook users into a source of revenue, not just fans, friends, or browsers.

SocialCart on Facebook allows users to set up their own personalized store and recommend items to their friends. SocialCart manages all inventory, shipping, and store maintenance so the Facebook store owners dont have to. All purchases made in the store are divided between the merchandise cost and the store owner, leaving a nice sum the Facebook user!

Visit to learn more about the SocialCart and Socialcart app and try out your free store today.

Social Commerce strategies

Yesterday Digitas released a whitepaper on Social commerce. Its called Social Commerce Strategy Playbook. Recently you see everybody jumping into to social commerce bandwagon. Even through social commerce is different for different people, everybody agree its important. But most businesses fail to see what it really means for them. There are group buying services like hautelook ( not much different from Costco business model) acquired by Nordstorm last week to paywithatweet. and everybody in between.

So you are pondering the question of what to do with Social commerce for you take a look at this whitepaper. Its pretty good for a starting point. I was trying to see where Socialcart fits into Digitas classification of Social Commerce businesses. In terms of business models we are closer to a marketplace as the model. We have both Merchants and social networkers as our clients. so the marketplace fits out bill. But when we look at the approaches, we do not fit any mold per Digitas. We are distributed, user centric, social adjacent and affiliate driven. That kind of complicates things, I guess

Anyway take a look at the whitepaper

About SocialCart

Based in the hotbed of cool tech in Chicago, IL, weve made a leap of logic: Why would you bother setting up one storefront when you can put your product on a thousand storefronts all over the web? Better yet, how about offering your product to be placed in front of hundreds of thousands of captive audience members directly through social media networks, the hottest thing since cell phones that fit in your pocket.

The one thing that every social media guru wishes for before they go to bed at night is a way to directly market a product to Facebook, or to MySpace, or their Blog, or Twitter followers, and to give them a chance to buy right then and there, without leaving the website and adding more clicks to the process.

Enter and the ultimate distributed ecommerce platform.

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