Free merchant plan for distributed facebook stores

What is the difference between your small business and larger corporations?  Is it the amount of money you have to purchase extra services to move your company along?  Is it the amount of time you have to promote your products to the masses?  Here at SocialCart, we want to move your small business a little closer to the realm of the large corporation and allowing you to answer no to each of those questions.  

Our first step in helping our small merchants is by offering a new Free Merchant Plan.  If you are a merchant offering less than ten products to the SocialCart community you can now list your products with no cost to you.  This allows you to use your profits elsewhere, creating more products or enhancing your items.

After you sign up for our Free Merchant Plan Facebook users will promote your items and sell them to your friends.  You can add your products to the SocialCart inventory and allow Facebook users to promote your items and sell them to their friends.  Once your items are sold you receive profits and your company name will spread without any extra time or effort from you.  You can direct your time towards making new products instead of promoting them to online customers.

The only question that remains is why not sign up for our program?  Let millions of Facebook users promote and sell your products for you, increasing revenue and decreasing effort.  For more information and to register as a merchant on SocialCart today check out our website, 

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