Recommending the SocialCart App to Your Friends

Making money with just a few clicks of a mouse seems too good to be true, but with SocialCart this is reality.¬† With just a few clicks you can set up your own Facebook store with SocialCart and starting bringing in profits, but this isnít the only way to make money with SocialCart.

Once you have your own ecommerce store with SocialCart, recommend the app to your friends.¬† If your friend joins and starts to sell products, you receive 1% of all his earnings!¬† This includes the money your friend makes from sales and also the money he makes from all his friendsí sales.¬† Before you know it you can make money from the sales of hundreds of people on top of the earnings from your own store!¬† All you have to do is click ďRecommend AppĒ on the top of the app page and select friends.¬† Convince your friends to join, then sit back and watch your profits stream in. ¬†Thatís it!

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