Selling Your Products Through Facebook

Are you looking for a way to increase the sales of your business without increasing your effort?  The social media world is expanding, causing people to find new purposes for Facebook, even using its large audience to bring in revenue.  There are two prominent options for generating sales using Facebook, each option with its own benefits.

The first method is to set up an ecommerce store on Facebook using an application such as payvement.  In this setup you are entirely responsible for bringing more fans to your page and promoting your items.  The theory stands that your fans will share your product with their friends, who will share with friends, reaching a potentially unlimited audience. However, this theory rarely works out quite this well.  Without an incentive to show friends, all your sales will come from your Facebook fans alone.

The other option, however, provides your fans with an incentive to promote your products.  This is where SocialCart comes in.  As a merchant, you place your products into the stock of SocialCart and allow thousands of real Facebook users to promote and sell your items in their own Facebook stores.  In return you receive a jump in sales, and the users receive sales commission.  You provide the resellers with a whole price, and they collect commission based on your pricing suggestions and their desired profit margin.  Instead of having your product in one store being promoted by you, it can now be featured hundreds of stores being promoted by motivated sellers.

To get started with SocialCart today, register as a merchant on our website SocialCart Merchant section.  We offer six months free to selected merchants.  You are always paid based on the whole price you offer to the SocialCart community.  Its as easy as that.

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