Social Commerce strategies

Yesterday Digitas released a whitepaper on Social commerce. Its called Social Commerce Strategy Playbook. Recently you see everybody jumping into to social commerce bandwagon. Even through social commerce is different for different people, everybody agree its important. But most businesses fail to see what it really means for them. There are group buying services like hautelook ( not much different from Costco business model) acquired by Nordstorm last week to paywithatweet. and everybody in between.

So you are pondering the question of what to do with Social commerce for you take a look at this whitepaper. Its pretty good for a starting point. I was trying to see where Socialcart fits into Digitas classification of Social Commerce businesses. In terms of business models we are closer to a marketplace as the model. We have both Merchants and social networkers as our clients. so the marketplace fits out bill. But when we look at the approaches, we do not fit any mold per Digitas. We are distributed, user centric, social adjacent and affiliate driven. That kind of complicates things, I guess

Anyway take a look at the whitepaper

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