What's in the pipeline for SocialCart

SocialCart is constantly in motion.
Changes are continuously occurring to improve and expand the benefits of SocialCart.
We want to keep you, our loyal users, updated on the exciting developments happening here at SocialCart.
The following are just some of the changes and improvements we are currently working on to make SocialCart easier to use, more accessible, and more efficient.

New New New- We are adding new merchants, products, and users!  We are constantly finding new merchants who want to place their products into the SocialCart stock.  These new merchants are expanding our categories and adding many new items.  Even our long committed customers are adding new items, expanding our inventory more than ever before!  This increase in product availability is attracting new users who create new ecommerce stores.

More Channels-
SocialCart on Facebook is booming, so we are working to take this success elsewhere.

Our developers are working to bring SocialCart to other outlets such as Twitter, blogs, and other social websites.
This will bring all the benefits of SocialCart to even more users and merchants, expanding profits and promotions.

 Improved Matches- We are working to enhance our best match algorithm which displays the best performing products based on your visitors profile.  This algorithm will consider the customers previous buying habits and preferences and strategically place your items that fall within these guidelines.  This promotes increased sales because products will be tailored to the needs to the visitor.

Check back for even more updates on SocialCarts continual improvements and make sure to check out the SocialCart app regularly to see all our enhancements in action!


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