Frequently Asked Questions


1 . What does SocialCart do?

SocialCart is a great FREE app to help you easily promote millions of products using Twitter and Facebook. Sell it to your friends and other visitors to your profile.

2 . How many items will be listed at a time?

SocialCart's patented alogorithm gets the highest selling products that matches the buyers buying habits and preferences.

3 . Do I have to pay a subscription?

No, SocialCart is completely, 100%, Free!

4 . What level of support do you provide?

We have a great selection of FAQ's and plenty of tips and hints throughout the software which is really easy to use. If you get really stuck you can always contact us through our ticket help system and we will respond as quickly as we can.

5 . Are the products displayed immediately?

Yes, the time you sign up with the site all the products are added to your store by default.


1 . Is there a informational web site that illustrates how SocialCart works?

You can get an idea of what some of our SocialCart solutions and features look like by watching our video overviews.

2 .  What is the contracted sign up period?

We ask that you sign up for a minimum of 12 Months. This is to ensure we have time to get you set up and running with sales. After this period, the subscription period is renewed on an annual basis.

3 .  Which payments can I accept through my SocialCart web store?

PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover.

4 .  Will I need a Credit Card Processing Terminal to accept credit cards through my SocialCart web store?

No. As part of your online store provided by SocialCart, we process all of the online payments. This not only means we deal with the information processing, but also that we absorb all of the costs of accepting credit card payments. Additionally we accept the liability and guard the security of all of the information being used on your site.