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Services to Merchants

Increase your market reach through our network of more than hundreds of thousands of storefronts all over the web. Reach consumers through their friends and grow your business through the most popular social networking channels. There is no software to install, nothing to manage. Continue offering exciting new products and we will deliver new orders directly to your door.

Quickly becoming popular in the social arena is a way to directly monetize your followers by installing a pre-made shopping cart to your page and praying that they will find it and make a purchase based completely on brand recognition. You are locked onto your single business page, and are forced to gather fans by any means possible to expose them to your product and commercial solution.

What if you could have a shopping cart on thousands of networkers' pages, using them as a giant sales force to promote your product through word of mouth?

Welcome to, the ultimate peer-to-peer distributed ecommerce platform. Our commercial infrastructure allows for your products to be displayed dynamically across hundreds of thousands of independent storefronts all across Facebook, blogs, Twitter, and stand-alone websites.

Your quality products will be sold through word of mouth, each social networker using their experiences to recommend your product to their co-workers, friends, family and anyone who is connected through the giant expanse of social networking portals.

Get started by signing up as a vendor to have your products featured by the masses on their dynamic store fronts. Our distributed supply-chain infrastructure will manage all the social sales transactions from across the web on Are you ready for a market of 500 million?


Services to Social Networkers

Do you have a good following on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or Blogs? Build your own storefront complete with popular products matching your persona or niche. You decide which products to feature and customize your own pricing. Receive a percentage of any purchases made from your store. Recommend friends to setup new stores and claim a cash bonus.

So you're Mr. or Ms. Popular. You have tons of friends on Facebook or Twitter that follow your every move. Maybe you have a killer blog that gets more daily traffic than a Central American country. In either case, you need a solution to monetize your following, because it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a few extra bucks, right?

Enter the dynamic storefront. With a few clicks, you can set up your very own shopping cart app that allows you to promote products of your choosing directly within the friendly confines of your Facebook, MySpace, or other social media page, your Twitter account, your blog via a snappy widget, or even your existing domain.

The best part is, not only do you choose which products, but you also set the asking price. Earn healthy commissions for every sale that takes place on your storefront, simply for telling your friends how good they are and letting them choose for themselves. will process the transactions within their ecommerce platform and even co-ordinate the shipping directly to their door. This winning combination makes you a hero by recommending a great product to your flock, makes your wallet a little happier and makes your friends happy with something cool you recommended.